Charcoal Skin Care And You

We did not think of Charcoal being anywhere but the grill until the past few years. We starting fining out that is not just a fun way to spend the summer holidays with our loved ones but activated charcoal can be beneficial to our skin and hair care. WHAT???? Yes for those of you who did not know activated charcoal has many properties that can help bring toxins and bacteria out of our bodies.

Throughout our days bacteria and toxins collect in our pours, and charcoal is like a vacuum for these. It sticks to the charcoal and pulls these things out and results in less acne and softens the skin.

There are so many products our there, so you have to be careful and make sure you know what is in your products. Lemongrass Spa products were made because the founder believed heavily in reading labels and ingredients. I will tell you the same thing, read your labels and make sure you are getting amazing products that are 100% safe for you.

I Have Nothing In My Closet!

“I have nothing in my closet!” Is something we all have said, but what if I told you have everything in your closet it is just how you put those pieces that you love but have no idea on how to put them together. Street fashion has become more and about your personal style then matching everyone else. Here oure some fall trends for this year.